COVID-19 STATEMENT: “You and your loved ones’ health is ALWAYS our number one priority. AHC employees are taking extra measures to prevent the spread of COVID. Click here to find out how All HomeCaring staff is doing to follow CDC Guidelines.”

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All HomeCaring Clinicians:

• Are trained in infection control practices following up-to-date CDC guidelines

• Screen all patients prior to provision of care as well as self-screen daily for COVID-19

• Utilize best practices along with ongoing quality improvement


The benefits of All HomeCaring during COVID-19

• Patients and family members may be reluctant to be admitted to a nursing facility due to increased proximity to COVID-positive patients, risk of infection

• Agencies like All HomeCaring keep hospital & TCU beds available for more critical patients

• Home Care professionals are already well-versed in infection control

• In-home COVID-19 testing; education on infection control

• Nurses collaborate with providers while in the patient’s home to adjust treatment plans, minimizing office or ED visits

• Facilitation of and education on telehealth

• Easier assessment of social determinants: Isolation/loneliness; home cleanliness and safety; exercise/activity

• All HomeCaring offers a follow-up option for patients who would benefit from physical, occupational or speech therapy in the comfort of their own home


Home Health During COVID-19

Your loved ones may be high risk for or even have COVID-19. All HomeCaring can safely care for them without ever leaving the home. This allows for:

• Coordinated, personalized care at home

• Minimal exposure risk from group or public settings

• Reduction of fear for patient and family members


Home care clinicians collaborate with providers to:

• Establish plan of care with appropriate goals, interventions, and visit frequencies

• Monitor, teach, and assess patients

• Provide simple to complex interventions and procedures

• Facilitate telehealth implementation

• Reduce ED visits and rehospitalizations


Home care clinicians can provide:

• Complex cares including but not limited to: IVs, trach cares, feeding tubes, oxygen therapy, catheters, ostomies, venipunctures, central line management, wounds

• Skilled interventions

– Disease assessment and monitoring

– Rehabilitation therapy (physical, occupational, speech)

– Medication education and management

• Home safety assessments

• Patient and caregiver education

– Infection control practices

– Visitation limitations

• Coordination of services

– Medical supplies and Durable Medical Equipment

– Home Health Aide

– Non-medical assistance

– Medical Social Services

• Emergency preparedness

– Infection/pandemic

– Natural disaster

– Loss of power or other resources


We want to remind all HomeCaring Employees that you cannot go to work if you have any Covid-19, cold or flu symptoms.

** You must call the office to report if you have any Covid-19, cold or flu symptoms such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Cough (dry or wet)
  • Body or muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose

** Do not go to work if you have been exposed by someone who has tested Positive to Covid-19 and:

  • Call the office right away to notify that you have been exposed.
  • Please get a Covid-19 test and quarantine until you have received your test results.

** If your client shows any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, cold or flu like symptoms, please call the office immediately.

** If you have tested Positive for Covid-19 or Employees that had Covid-19 related symptoms may discontinue isolation once approved by Human Resources, as they will follow the guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health.