COVID-19 STATEMENT: “You and your loved ones’ health is ALWAYS our number one priority. All Homecaring employees are taking extra measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click here to find out how All Homecaring staff is following CDC Guidelines.”

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All HomeCaring Clinicians:

• Are trained in infection control practices following up-to-date CDC guidelines

• Screen all patients prior to provision of care as well as self-screen daily for COVID-19

• Utilize best practices along with ongoing quality improvement


The benefits of All HomeCaring during COVID-19

• Patients and family members may be reluctant to be admitted to a nursing facility due to increased proximity to COVID-19 positive patients and risk of infection

• Agencies like All HomeCaring keep hospital & TCU beds available for more critical patients

• Home Care professionals are well-versed in infection control

• In-home COVID-19 testing; education on infection control

• Nurses collaborate with providers while in the patient’s home to adjust treatment plans; this minimizes office or ER visits

• Facilitation of and education on telehealth

• Easier assessment of social determinants: Isolation/loneliness; home cleanliness and safety; exercise/activity

• All HomeCaring offers a follow-up option for patients who would benefit from physical, occupational or speech therapy in the comfort of their own home


Home Health During COVID-19

Your loved ones may be high risk for or even have COVID-19. All HomeCaring can safely care for them without ever leaving the home. This allows for:

• Coordinated, personalized care at home

• Minimal exposure risk from group or public settings

• Reduction of fear for patient and family members


Home care clinicians collaborate with providers to:

• Establish plan of care with appropriate goals, interventions, and visit frequencies

• Monitor, teach, and assess patients

• Provide simple to complex interventions and procedures

• Facilitate telehealth implementation

• Reduce ER visits and rehospitalizations


Home care clinicians can provide:

• Complex cares include but not limited to: IVs, feeding tubes, oxygen therapy, catheters, ostomies, venipunctures, central line management, wounds

• Skilled interventions

  – Disease assessment and monitoring

  – Rehabilitation therapy (physical, occupational, speech)

  – Medication education and management

• Home safety assessments

• Patient and caregiver education

– Infection control practices

– Visitation limitations

• Coordination of services

– Medical supplies and Durable Medical Equipment

– Home Health Aide

– Non-medical assistance

– Medical Social Services

• Emergency preparedness

– Infection/pandemic

– Natural disaster

– Loss of power or other resources


We want to remind all HomeCaring Employees that you cannot go to work if you have any Covid-19, cold or flu symptoms.

** You must call the office to report if you have any Covid-19, cold or flu symptoms such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Cough (dry or wet)
  • Body or muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose

** Do not go to work if you have been exposed by someone who has tested Positive to Covid-19 and:

  • Call the office right away to notify that you have been exposed.
  • Please get a Covid-19 test and quarantine until you have received your test results.

** If your client shows any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, cold or flu like symptoms, please call the office immediately.

** If you have tested Positive for Covid-19 or Employees that had Covid-19 related symptoms may discontinue isolation once approved by Human Resources, as they will follow the guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health.